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Eastern Creek Round 6

After the year we have had this might have seemed like an anti-climax. I was a little concerned that the team would relax but that proved unfounded as we put an exclamation point on the end of our second Silver Star winning year. We had great car speed again and managed our usual reliability and a terrific result to end our year.

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Mallala Round 5

I may be biased but I like the sound of Silver Star champions 2001 AND 2003. Mallala has been good to our team over many years but hasn't been so kind to us recently.

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Winton (Again!) Round 4

After the difficulties of the last race meeting we decided to reconsider our development path. We had little to loose after our recent outing so we changed the entire set-up of the car in a way we thought might better exploit the character of the latest Yokohama tyres. It seems we were right!

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Phillip Island Round 3

Sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear gets you. We are now nursing some pretty severe bite marks. I'm going to spare myself the task of reliving it in every gory detail.

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15/Jun/2003 Sponsor's Day 2003

Being a sponsor can sometimes be hard - sometimes you even have to drive the car yourself. See the fun the Bruce and Diana had at this year's sponsor's day!

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29/May/2003 Winton Round 2

Round 2 saw the team travel to Winton

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23/Feb/2003 Crew Report - Wakefield Park

Thanks to our Wakefield Park Crew ...

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23/Feb/2003 Wakefield Park Round 1
This was the very first F4000 race and the start of a new season in Australia's top series. We are looking forward to taking advantage of our new Cantech developed engine.

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16/Feb/2003 Sponsor News

Sponsor News Report

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01/09/2002 2002 Season Wrap up

It would be easy to dismiss this season as a failure. We made a series of errors on and off the track and the reliability that was our key to our success in 2001 was gone. I started it all with a driving failure in Phillip Island and from there the pattern was set. There are a whole lot of positives though. From the data we have gained we know we solved a lot of the technical problems that we were working on. We have made some solid gains in our technical plan as shown by the numbers we see in our data acquisition system.

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16/08/2002 - Winton - Melbourne - Round 6

After the mega blow-up at Mallala we put a program in place to do the unlikel y again and build an engine in one week. We stripped the existing engine and got started but as we got further and further into it we found a whole bunch of other systems that had been damaged.

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05/08/2002 - Mallala - Adelaide - Round 5

After Pete and Rebecca got the pits set up ready for the weekend we decided to partake in the unofficial practice that was available on Thursday. On about the tenth lap at max rpm and speed on the main straight there was a big bump like hitting a speed bump in the road. After a quick look n both mirrors to verify that all I could see was flame I decided to let the car roll along and hope that the flames would blow out.

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04/07/2002 - Oran Park - Sydney Round 4

Round 4 of the championship for us consisted of 1 DNS and one Silver Star first placing. The weather was mostly fine although quite cold, and a series of technical problems saw the team working hard and late into the night to achieve a great result in the second race.

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01/06/2002 - Hidden Valley - Darwin - Round 3

Besides the three day drive in each direction had its fun elements. Last night we slept under the most beautiful clear sky I have ever seen. Here's how it all happened ...

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Some "Pit" Photos from Darwin.

01/05/2002 - Eastern Creek - Sydney - Round 2

Under the circumstances this was a good result on a track we have only had one limited run on before. We closed a little on the Doc and this time we still have four wheels on our wagon

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Some photos of the car and crew ...

16/04/2002 - Phillip Island - Melbourne - Round 1

Phillip Island decided to play nice with weather this year so the car took the opportunity to teach us a few lessons.

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2/04/2002 - Season 2002 Planning

The late loss of the Adelaide 500 race has thrown our season into disarray. Our sponsors for this year viewed this race as crucial to them gaining the return for their marketing dollars so we agreed to release them from their obligations. Not only have we lost the income but we also lost the lead-time necessary to find another major sponsor in time for this years Holden Australian Drivers Championship. On top of the confusion post September 11th we are now faced with the prospect of doing this years season with the support of our good friends at Cantech and Hothouse Advertising but without a major cash sponsor.

After long and serious discussions with the team management we have decided to press on with this year whilst pulling out all stops to find sponsors on a per race basis. If you have ever wanted to drive a Formula Holden we are offering that drive in return for someone finding us a major sponsor.. It's a big opportunity so think hard and you could find yourself doing 0-100 in 1.9 seconds

28/02/2002 - Defending the Silver Star Championship 2002

Peters Racing will be defending the Holden Australian Drivers Championship Si lver Star Award during the 2002 season.

The series is shaping up to be exciting and challenging with meetings schedul ed across the country: two each in Victoria and New South Wales and one meeting each in SA and NT.

The exact schedule and venues will be released in the next few weeks and will be posted here.

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One of our beloved cars, an historic Ralt RT4, raced by Alan Jones and Larry Perkins in the early 80's has to go to make room in the workshop. Have a look here for more information.


The latest report from Winton.

You can't argue with results. Peters Racing has won the Silver Star award for the 2001 series after a year of tough racing with a small budget. It is a real tribute to a great bunch of volunteers who contributed their time over three years to establish this team in the top rung of Australian motorsport. We had some real obstacles to overcome this year but with the help of our sponsors EDS, Cantech precision engineering and Tandy we were able to maintain our position all the way to the end of the season ...


The latest report from Mallala.

Some weekends have it all. This was one of those weekends. Good luck, bad luck, fair weather and foul, highs, lows, friends and competitors. Now a few days later we can look back on the points outcome and be happy but it was hard hard work.


The latest report from Oran Park.

More wet weather. We seem to keep getting rain for the setup day and practice and not for racing so we haven't really got a wet weather setup that suits us. The same applied at Oran Park. We got soaked on Thursday and had wet weather for Friday. The number of cars present was very small to, so at least if we made it to the end we would get a good position.


The latest report from Calder.

Calder was a tough meeting for us. We hadn't had the opportunity to test at the track so we were starting from cold, literally and metaphorically.

On arrival we got set up and had a first look at the track. The weather was looking ugly so we got a wet set-up on the car and had the wets aired and ready t o go.


The latest report from Canberra.

Canberra was very successful for us. We moved further ahead in the Silver star and were faster on track than our previous Silver star competitor Roger Oakeshot. Additionally our fixes after the terrible Darwin round have stopped the handling problem we had experienced so we have stored another very valuable piece of information. To further improve our profit ratio for Canberra we bought home an undamaged car so we are well set up for mad July.

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