Competing in Australia's fastest racing series - Formula 4000

Phillip Island 2003

Sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear gets you. We are now nursing some pretty severe bite marks. I'm going to spare myself the task of reliving it in every gory detail. Suffice to say that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I also managed to sprain my ankle on Saturday in the pits and am now having intensive physiotherapy to be fit for our next race. So much for our favourite track!

The silver lining is that we got heaps of TV time and the public got to see the EDS logo for a good long time on the motorsport broadcasts and on Sports Tonight and the Evening News.

The sessions went as follows:

P1 - messed up the settings due to miscommunication

P2 - ran out of fuel before the end of the session (Avgas was not on sale at the track!)

Q1 - nasty handling, qualified 7th

R1 - second lap collision with Chris Hocking on an oily track ended up with Chris inverted and our front suspension broken. The only relief is that on TV you can see that I didn't run wide and trip him up, but it was still an unpleasant moment. 0 points

R2 - started from last on the grid (with three empty spots ahead of me???) and after working out how the car handled with new front suspension I managed to catch Rohan but the marbles were so deep offline that I couldn't get past. I had a moment when I nearly tagged him in the back at Honda so I just cruised home. 12 points are (a little) better that none.

Our crew of Rebecca, Sam, Garret and Andrew persevered throughout the cold weekend and we will hopefully be back to our winning ways soon as our silver star lead is now down to 12 points.

We are dealing with a nasty handling problem and after this meeting we have stripped the car almost completely and we are working our way through it methodically. We are going to find the problem before the next race.

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