Competing in Australia's fastest racing series - Formula Holden

Canberra - June 8-10th 2001 - Round 4 HADC

Canberra was very successful for us. We moved further ahead in the Silver star and were faster on track than our previous Silver star competitor Roger Oakeshot. Additionally our fixes after the terrible Darwin round have stopped the handling problem we had experienced so we have stored another very valuable piece of information. To further improve our profit ratio for Canberra we bought home an undamaged car so we are well set up for mad July. Overall 7th Gold star for the weekend and still in 8th in the series. Overall second in the Silver star and leading that championship by 12 points now.

Next stop Calder Park July 13th to 15th

Session by session

Practice 1 - Friday

Wet track with us second on so we were extremely careful. As expected the track was oily from a year of road cars and the walls very unforgiving. The circuit is much improved with some of the bumpier sections resurfaced. The only problem is that the resurfaced parts were done in a very fine tarmac so the track now has four distinct surface types with different characteristics in different weather etc. This is still a very difficult place. We ran a few laps of familiarisation and called it a day.

Practice 2 - Friday

Dry track. Time to find out how our fixes went. The good news is that even still on old tyres the diff fixes have transformed the car back to its old happy self. We change ride heights a little and generally get settled in. The session is red-flagged twice for accidents so it's hard to get the tyres warm.

Qualifying - Saturday

We have new tyres, new brakes, a dry track and we are ready to go. Only trouble is that the GTPs left so much debris on the track that the session is shortened to just 15 minutes. My best run was interrupted by a red flag but qualified 8th.

Race 1 - Saturday

Got a good start and dropped into 7th behind Roger Oakeshot with Con Toparis and Rohan Carrig behind. We circulated nose to tail for a few laps but I decided to let Con have a go at Roger on this extremely hard track to pass on. I hoped to slip part Roger in the hole left by Con. After a lap or so Con got through Roger but he shut the door very heavily on me even though he was holding me up. I applied pressure for a while and then he lost it going down to turn 1 while I was beside him. I managed to miss him as he went off the track and not loose too much time. I set out after Con again. After a couple of laps I had caught him and managed to out brake him on the inside down into turn 1 again and help the place to the finish for 6th place and second in Silver star.

Race 2 - Sunday

These are the starts we wait for. Peter Hill missed the go and I'm in 5th by turn 1. Clearihan got a good one too and is in 3rd. As the first lap passes I get away from the cars behind and am building a nice buffer. Alan Gurr plants the Ralt entry in the wall and we are 4th. It's to one side of the track so no drama. I let Dale Brede past as we are really concentrating on the Silver star and Roger was way back. Dale then spun and bought out the pace car so we all bunched up. After the restart I lost a place but then managed to catch up with Con although we couldn't pass but we did out distance Roger Oakshot which bodes well for the rest of the championship. We finished seventh with a best lap time over two seconds quicker than last year.

Thanks to the crew for the weekend, Rebecca, Barbara, Gil, Garrett, Michael and Mark..


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