Competing in Australia's fastest racing series - Formula Holden

What happened to Winton.

After the mega blow-up at Mallala we put a program in place to do the unlikely again and build an engine in one week. We stripped the existing engine and got started but as we got further and further into it we found a whole bunch of other systems that had been damaged. Clearly it was going to be and expensive operation and with only a single week to do it in a lot of what we achieved would be wasted. For example the crank was broken and there are no new ones available in Australia at the moment so we would have to fabricated counterweights and put them on a Holden crank and balance it. That would all cost about two thousand dollars in total and would not provide anything useable for next year.

So we made a big decision and pulled out of this year's series even though we were second in the Silver Star and we'll put all our energy into next year and some really big events that will be part of the championship.

More news on the 2003 series at it becomes available..

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