For Sale 1974 Lotus Europa Special 5 speed in Adelaide


1974 Lotus Europa Special 5 speed.

The Lotus Europa was described at the time as a poor mans GT40.  In 1971 Lotus changed the engine to the famous twin cam and it even started to perform in GT manner. This example for sale has the upgraded ford based twin cam engine  with the factory big valve upgrade giving 126bhp and also boasts the  5 speed transmission found only in the last year or so of manufacture. There are very few of this specification in Australia. This car has come from the deceased estate of the founder of Club Lotus South Australia and is very, very well known. In the last year or two it has had extensive maintenance to make sure that it all functions as it should. The electrics all work, the doors open and shut nicely and the gear change is as it should be. Anyone with experience of second hand Europas will understand how much time will have been invested to make this car so nice to drive but even if you don’t it will become obvious at the wheel. This is an unrestored well maintained, fully functioning sportscar that will transport you to 1974 when it was made.

Inside it boasts all the little luxuries that differentiate the very last cars, deep cushioning on the seats, power windows and wooden dashboard were all the best features in the early 70s. Like all Europas the interior is snug but the oatmeal coloured trim of the last cars makes it less oppressive. If you want a Europa then this is the ultimate specification and a rare chance to acquire one in original well maintained condition from a known source.

The original green paint is fading a little but looks nice with the factory gold pin striping and the car sits on the factory alloy wheels. The bodywork is sound and as far s we know has never been crashed or repaired. There are probably a stress crack or two on it but it is generally good.  It is registered on SA club rego (up to 60 days a year driving) but can be put on full 365 day registration at cost. It is currently used by one elderly gentleman for occasional run arounds and for attendance at the monthly club meetings in Adelaide. Current mileage 87238.

Price $25000 firm

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