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BMW 130i

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

BMW purchasing in Adelaide

What is it about Adelaide car dealers? Buying our new BMW 130i was so hard. After months of no information, non returned call and emails we finally got our car. The specification was right and most was good but they ignored my emails and calls regarding just mounting its temporary number plates with tape. They just banged them on with self tapping screws into the bodywork. I really hate that. In keeping with their standard level of care and concern they havent even replied to my email complaint.

Since then I have made contact through 1addicts to other people purchasing through them at the moment and they are getting similar results. Many are considering buying interstate based on our experience.

heres the thread on our purchase

My purchase of the Exige through Rick Damelians in Sydney was the exact opposite. They are a truly classy outfit. I dare say they will have their moments, but my experience and the aftersales service were way beyond my expectations.