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DriveNZ Classic

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Just one week to go. My checklist is down to trivialities now. Our house sitter arrives on Friday to spend 6 days getting to know Princess Smudgeycat and all her habits. Rebecca is fussing over clothing and I am only wondering how on earth I’m going to attend a black tie event after three weeks on the road in a car that makes a shoebox look expansive. I think it might turn out to be black tie and t-shirt. I’m doing transition to a new guy at work so I’ll go on this event as one of the great unemployed. Can’t wait.

BMW 130i

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

BMW purchasing in Adelaide

What is it about Adelaide car dealers? Buying our new BMW 130i was so hard. After months of no information, non returned call and emails we finally got our car. The specification was right and most was good but they ignored my emails and calls regarding just mounting its temporary number plates with tape. They just banged them on with self tapping screws into the bodywork. I really hate that. In keeping with their standard level of care and concern they havent even replied to my email complaint.

Since then I have made contact through 1addicts to other people purchasing through them at the moment and they are getting similar results. Many are considering buying interstate based on our experience.

heres the thread on our purchase

My purchase of the Exige through Rick Damelians in Sydney was the exact opposite. They are a truly classy outfit. I dare say they will have their moments, but my experience and the aftersales service were way beyond my expectations.

Smartycam test from Subaru WRX

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

A wet drive up a hill in the WRX to test the system. We wont get to test at all before we go to NZ and have to fit this to the Exige on the day before DriveNZ. The picture is nice but the sound has some digital noise on it. I’m trying to get some support to find out why.

The ECU bridge is miss-configured so RPM not correct – also not pushing as i had shopping in the boot

Exige arrived safely in NZ

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Roger Philips has our car safely out of customs, approved by the NZ road licensing gods and ready to go. It’s even nice and clean after its sea voyage

Exige in NZ

testing smartycam

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Smartycam will be one of our main tools for documenting our  NZ trip.

The software installation in XP was horrible and I still dont have it working properly. The Vista installation went very easily and works fine. I just dont want to cart the Vista box around New Zealand. I have the software working for configuration of the ECU bridge and the camera under Vmware fusion on the mac and can download the videos via the SDHC card plugging into the mac USB port, so this might be the solution we go with.

The device works pretty well except for the sound. It has a digital noise over the top which is pretty annoying.

The ECU bridge works well and I’m looking forward to trying on the Exige when we get there.


This is our first test run – the ECU bridge is configured for generic OBDII

Ians Test entry

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Formula Holden PI 079

fholden at Philip Island